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installation view

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installation viewInstallation detail

Drawing by Sunette Viljoen

Added lustre removed

In the restoration of buildings, colour sequencing or ‘farbtreppe’ are often visible as small sections on a surface where the painted layers have been gradually scraped back to reveal the strata underneath. These markings are most commonly found in historical interiors, where it is of interest to point back to the past, adding commemorative and age value to a space.

In this work, restoration notations are reconstructed, following the same process of layering paint and then removing it, as an incongruous, fast-forward version of historical evidence. They are fictional variations, loosely based on a specific space – at times revealing pictorial qualities, possibly decorative, often unlikely.

Version 1: A series of plaster tiles set into the walls of the exhibition space. The inlays are fictional patinas, thin layers inserted into the wall that shifts one’s understanding of the space. With the cuts and filler clearly visible, they undermine their own claim to authenticity.

Version 2: Constructed sequences inserted into plaster panels which are cut to form systems of interlocking patterns. The collection references a whole, but the panels are not bound to a specific place. Displayed on work tables, they are presented as parts extracted, acquirable and ready to be inserted elsewhere.

© Sunette Viljoen 2018