installation detail
hotel maria kapel
installation detail
installation detail

Produced in collaboration with Blaine Western, Grafts took place at Hotel Maria Kapel, in Hoorn, the Netherlands. 

The reconstructions and renovations that occurred on the 15th century chapel site acted as a catalyst for looking at the broader context and circumstance of how objects and spaces can perform a history. The material presence of the building itself is scrutinised, along with the nearby Cecilia chapel – a building thought to be nearly identical in period, style and initial function – in order to see how each space has registered or preserved different elements of a shared past.

Sisters: Laminated fine grade oak.
Built to the dimensions of the vault and beam of the exposed roof structure of Cecilia Chapel.

Guides: Mould for the upper segment of window frames for Maria and Cecilia Chapel.
Hardwood plywood, lacquer.

Posters: Distributed throughout Hoorn – documentation of 18th century paper fragments embedded in the cracks of roof beams from Korte Achterstraat 4-6.