jan van eyck academie
exterior view
project outline

The plot the plot is a site-specific installation that took place at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The installation took place in 2 near-identical rooms, next to each other in a corridor of 12 rooms.  The rooms, referred to as A and B, each featured the same elements – wall cladding, windowsill panels and smaller wall pieces. 

A set of rules was applied to the two spaces, and through this process of doing something twice, the slight differences in the rooms became primary. At first glance seemingly minimalist and bare, the components sketched an interior.  Small details hint at lengthy material processes, use, tactility, as well as presenting the possibility of functionality.

The work exist in between the two rooms, as if they are talking amongst themselves.  It is a response to the building, as well as the visitor’s experience of discovery and familiarity.