Avant Lounge Exotica explores the poetics of interior living spaces, specifically in relation to print media and magazine imagery.  It is room-sized installation that grew out of five small-scale models were reworked and re-imagined in different constellations.

A central structure holds set of large-scale corner spaces, referred to as sample spaces.  The walls of the sample spaces are padded with a variety of textures that provide insulation; the walls have a protective, comforting surface to make up a section of a personalised interior.  Each of these corners holds a magazine-like document with images that originated from printed matter and were redrawn, cropped, or transferred before they were reinserted in a magazine format.  The sample spaces provide a context for the magazine images to exist in, but also to have the images presented as the catalyst for the space.  Pinhole photographic images of the scale models, which were enlarged, laser-copied and solvent-transferred as prints, form a separate series that links the structure to the scale models.  These prints are also used as cover images for the different printed magazines.  Alongside the scale models is a series of small structures that depict the negative space of rooms – combining of the shapes of the scale models and sample spaces.